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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Weekend Adventures

Adventures with Aubree…
I get a text on Friday from a great friend that she totally forgot her dad was going out of town and she had to work Sat morning could I possibly watcher her daughter. Aubree is almost 5 and really enjoys playing with my older kids. However they had a sleepover with Nanny and I only had the baby, I told her yes of course and figured little princess could keep me company on all my chores for the day.
Most of the time when Aubree comes to play I don’t spend much time with her she and the kids are too busy making play houses and pretending they are mermaids to care what her mom and I are talking about or whats for dinner
So Aubree came with her wee cup of fruit to eat for breakfast she kissed her mommy goodbye and ate her peaches. I told her to gather her shoes and coat we were headed to Target. Little did I know once we got into the car she would transform into 5 going on 17…
We get in the car and she started to tell me that her Papa was gone and how sad she was he was on vacation. She really missed him and could not wait till he came home on Tue.

Here are some things I learned from my Adventure with Aubree

• Her Nana puts Booze in her coffee

• She prefers hot tea specifically made from the Keirig

• She thinks I am a good driver better than her mom

• She really likes the way I get my coffee from Dunkin Donuts her exact words were “ it is delicious”

• She refuses to eat anything in my husbands car cause he will yell at her (side not he has never yelled at her)

It was an awesome Sat morning and I have to say I had learned a lot about Aubree and her family 

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