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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Three Times a Charm

Although in the BIG plan for our family we had said we would wait until Xander was about 4 to start trying for a third God had other plans. When we found out we were preggo with Little Luca we were floored to say the least.
Side note I would not have it any other way he was the last puzzle piece to completing our family.
But everyone warned me the third ones you have to watch out for. I said no my other kids were so good and I can’t imagine he will be a bad little boy. He only liked me for the first six months of his life the 3 months I was home with him I spent it holding, baby wearing, and nursing him. He slept in our bed or on my chest. When I went back to work he was happy for maybe 2 hours a day and then would spend the rest of the time screaming.
When I walked in the door he was fine a totally different child. I never understood it until I called home one day and heard him in the back round. My husband was near tears…. He said I don’t know how much more I can take he screams every day from 3pm until you walk in the door.
But once the little bundle was 7 months he was happy again and has been a spit fire ever since. He is just a hand full. We took him the the Preschool event at Xander’s school last night it was to celebrate Dr. Seuss’s bday. They sang songs, had crafts, read stories, and watched a movie.

Luca well lets just say he had other plans…. He destroyed everything in his path, He dumped every bucket of blocks, magnets, play dough out onto the floor, he kissed all the little girls, rammed the vacuum into all the parents’ feet, and stole the snacks from all the kids. I spent the entire time running literally running after him.

He went bat shit crazy when we had to leave and was screaming and kicking. Cried the whole way home. I swear it is sure going to be a FUN summer my mom and I are going to get a work out for sure.

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