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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Rocking Those Minnie Invites

We got our very first client for our business and I could not be happier. She is also going to help us get a web page up and running. I am hoping that people go crazy over what we made and just by that we get some PR…
We have a lot on our plate as we are making my mom’s wedding invites but I am so excited and I think we finally figured out the pricing. I am hoping to do some sample projects and get the page up and running.

Still over the moon about this business and really think it is going to take off in 2013 good things coming for K and J’s Business

First things first we need a name eh?

Faith is taking the First Step even when you can’t see the whole stair case.

V-Day Challenge….

So this Valentines Day I challenged my husband to a unique gift exchange. I asked (Told) my loving husband that instead of buying gifts for each other this year they would have to be “Homemade”

His initial reaction was “WTF” what do you mean like making you something like what out of wood? I told him it didn’t matter but it had to be home made. I really don’t know just yet what I am making him but this is Exciting…

He claims he is not doing it but I am going remind him every day how excited I am to see what he is going to come up with. I suggested going online and looking for things to make. I sure hope he follows through I sent him am email this morning asking him if he has been thinking out it.

I have not yet gotten a response. I think I am going to also suggest instead of going out doing a nice fancy dinner with the kids sparkling grape juice and all. I love Heart Day it is so exciting

Cute Photo of my son Who has taken to dressing up for School Love him

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