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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Daily Laugh

Here is my Day and what has happened since 8:30 and its only 2:14pm, I am not going to lie I am a little scared

Its remains 60 degrees at my Desk currently wearing 3 layers and a blanket
Heat Guy comes and our Motor for the blower is out meaning no heat is being blown out of any of the vents on the first floor

Heat Guy leaves and something happens that causes the Fire Alarm to go off. We now have to go out side in -1 weather because something is wrong.

Fire Dept Comes and determines it is a pipe that burst and the water is pouring in from the sprinkler head in the building next to ours.

I have a headache now from the alarm Going off for 30 minutes, in addition my glasses froze in Tint mode and I could not see for about 20 minutes while they were “thawing”

At this point I am thinking well I am all done with Tue… NOPE go to get the Pb&J I brought for lunch where I had to scrape the peanut butter from the bottom of the Jar and someone has taken and eaten my sandwich.
At least there were left overs of Jersey Mike’s Subs in the kitchen to hold me over and the lunch thief left my pudding
TRUE STORY none of this is fiction!

Happy Tuesday!

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