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Friday, January 18, 2013

The Ledge

I love how creative my kids are they can imagine they are anything anywhere we are. Whether the chairs in the Doctors office waiting room are rocket ships or they are waiters in a restaurant and all the patients turn into customers ….

They all have very vivid imaginations but one of my most favorite things they do is when they use the ledge of the bay window to play the air guitar and sing Taylor Swift at the top of their lungs.. These are one of the best memories I will cherish in my heart forever. Even though there are scratches and dings its worth all the memories that are made on the ledge of the bay window. Because these are quite literally the most important moments.

Xander turned 4 in December and here are some of his Fav’s

Color- red


He wants to be a Fire Fighter

He likes playing with his Fire Truck

He has a Girl friend at School named Abigail

He can now write his first name

Kylie turned 8 I can’t believe it!


Food-Ribs (I know Expensive Date)

She wants to be a Mom (how Sweet)

Her Best Friends at School Avery, Destiny, and Ella

She is reading very well. And is a Whiz at Math

Her Fav things to play with are her Monster High Dolls and her Tablet.

I leave you with My Future Chicago Fireman....  

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