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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 We Welcome you!

A Family Bucket List for 2013:
• In-door Water Park

• Camping

• Museum

• Dance in the rain

• Read as a Family more

• Family Movie Night Once a Month At least with Homemade Box Cars

• Family Game Night Also Once a month

• More Play Dates for the kids

• Disney or other big vacation

• Zoo

• Starved Rock

• Kings Island

• Friends BBQ

• 30 Days of Pay it Forward for my 30th Birthday

• Eat Healthier

• Put weight on Xander

My weight loss is a big focus for me as we know now that we are done having children. With my First and my third I went on Weight Watchers lost a significant amount of weight and then got pregnant. My mom also got engaged over the winter and her wedding is June 7th so I want to look decent for the photos.
Operation loose weight here I come

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