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Friday, December 28, 2012

New Traditions and Closing in on 2012

It has really been a great year for the Veronie family…. New Friends have been made, closer relationships have evolved, mom got engaged, Luca turned one, we closed the chapter of having children, dad beat cancer, we have new traditions…

What I have learned in 2012:

Take a step back just live and be happy its far to much effort to be negative
I have 3 kids the house is a mess I don’t care anymore I’ll get to it when I do
We have started Sunday Dinners with our friends It is really a good time 
I play cards on Sundays it is my “me” time
Taking 3 kids out alone is a Task and requires wine upon returning.
The important people will make an effort the others don’t matter
I have the bestest friends a girl could ask for

New Traditions This Christmas :

Dinner with Dad on Christmas eve eve
Breakfast at Mom’s Christmas Eve Morning for more private Gift exchange
Christmas Eve just us and the kids was wonderful we all made cookies for santa, and read stories, watched Christmas movies and just were a family
Friend Christmas we had a Full House it was Wonderful!

What needs to happen in 2013:

Save Money to take the kids to Disney
Join Weight Watchers and Loose 60 Pounds
Be more organized at home
Complete the task of making the basement livable space
Buy a new bedroom set for me and kylie
Re-Do the Boys Room and Kylie's
Get K and J’s business up and running.
Ben get his raise so I can maybe work Part-time

 Enjoy Happy Holidays!

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