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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Toy Companies can Suck it!

I am so done with you Mattel. Why do you have to put out new “Monster High” dolls 3 weeks before Christmas? I WAS done shopping but now my daughter has to have the newest doll. WTF? Why are going doing this to us parents and then you don’t mass produce them so the day I see them in the Big Giraffe ad when I go straight online to buy from my smart phone they are already sold out and says can only be found in stores. Like I have time to search high and low at 4 different stores for these dolls. I am a working mom who does 40+ hours a week. Toy stores do not accommodate my 1am shopping sprees

Seriously, the only thing I am glad about is the boys don’t care at this point what they get my 3 year old asked for Shoes. And the baby is happy with everything.
I guess I am glad at least I don’t have to tackle some crazy parent for a Thomas Train Womp Womp…

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Good luck! My kids have a few things on their list, they are just not going to get.