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Friday, August 24, 2012

The World Goes Round and Round and Round

My head is spinning like a merry go round that is going really fast where you have to hold on super tight to avoid falling off.
I have so much on my mind racing and racing and I just can not stop it. I try and try. I have this lump in the back a my throat like something is about to happen where I would have to swallow hard as if I had not chewed my food enough…

I want to turn it off How exactly do you make it all stop. How do I calm my self down, because Google just isn’t working anymore. Have I become part of the crazies? I just want to relax and I don’t know that I know how anymore.

I want to be a better more attentive wife and I just can’t find time for him. Where do I find time for him? When I have 3 kids and a full time job and a house to keep and bills to pay and errands to run and the list is longer than the one for Santa’s Elves?

I need to find Zen and right now the only time I find Zen is when I am crafting at one am.I want to enjoy life and make memories with my kids but I feel like there is just so much negative. With families fighting and people sick its almost of scene in a horror movie.

At the very least I am happy its Friday

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