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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Facebook Rant... and Cute baby Pic

I need to let out some steam… about some of the people posts on Facebook. Now before anyone jumps down my throat. I know the following

1. That I can unfriend these people

2. That I do not have to read them

3. That I can hide certain people posts.

I know all of this I get it okay it is just sometimes I have to sit back and laugh and some of the things that people post….

To the Fireman Down the Street- First Thank you for your service to our community.. However My husband served two tours over seas for a total of over 2 years and other people have done more than that. They have families and small children and they have missed years of their lives.

So I really do think you need to “shut the front door of your mouth” and stop complaining about having to work on July 4th be thankful that you have a job and an air conditioned lounge room. Because if you complain one more time I just might have to loose my s**t and go off… Okay thanks and have a safe holiday
Second to the first time mommy who’s son is “ready for potty training” He is just over a year YEAH it ain’t gonna happen sister and just because he removed his diaper does not mean he is ready to be a big boy I mean lets face it he just learned to walk and feed himself unless you think he is “wonder child” then maybe you should call Guiness Book of world records cause he is just so smart…. PLEASE my 10 month takes off his diaper every day and he does not even know what the potty is…

To my cousin I think it is great that you are running and starting a healthier life but I really do not need to see a map of your damn route every morning eat a cheeseburger and SHUT IT.

I am very happy that I am getting out of work today at 3pm…. Happy 4th Remember Freedom is not free :

I can not believe he is Almost one..... where does the time go.. Okay I need a moment

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