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Monday, July 2, 2012

30's Door has Been cracked open

I have officially begun the last year of my 20’s and I am not so sure how I really feel about that. I don’t “feel” like I am knocking on 30’s door. Physically although I am not in shape and need to loose a ton of weight I don’t feel any older than 21 LOL…. The kids do tire me out most days but that is to be expected.
I was just thinking about how So much has changed in the last 15 or so years. I remember when I had my first job when I was 14 and could not wait to cash that first pay check on getting my new pager.. What the heck is a pager! Yeah I rocked the purple pager with side screen to show the number oh was I the coolest gal that worked at Sam’s back then.

I did eventually get a cell phone but it was a pre-paid one and there was no such thing as texting, and they were just not as “smart then”

I spent my Friday nights in Junior High at a girl friends watching TGIF patiently waiting for the newest episode of Full House to come on. I NEVER and I mean NEVER missed a Chicago bulls game and I remember spending countless hours recording songs off the radio waiting for that one to come on the 9 most wanted…. We played Sega and Super Nintendo and Mario looked like he was made up of a bunch of computer dots. Now he looks like a Real Boy or should I say Man….

My kids know nothing besides DVR my daughter now knows how to use and so does my 3 year old son and most of the time when I come home they have recorded half of the day’s shows while they were outside playing so they could watch them when it rains… I remember the only way recorded anything is using a VCR and hopefully had a timer on it prayed that the show recorded because it was not like you could go online and watch the episode.

We recently went on a 4 hour rode trip to see my in-laws and we of course brought the DVD player for the car. I recall being about 16 driving to FL with the kids I babysat for and we brought one of the those TV’s with the VCR attached and rewound Barney about 100 times if I had to watch any more of that purple dino for little Jenna I might have thrown up!

It is so funny how much things have changed and I don’t even feel I can not imagine how my Grandparents feel who were born in the 30’s…. they finally got a cable box because they had to they have a computer strictly to play the slots with the game they got from Kmart and they have no cell phone and no internet.

My aunt decided to get my grandma a Kindle for Christmas well that was an epic fail she read all the books on it in a week and then deleted them all on accident. Now the charger is lost and she has not used it since. Needless to say that I asked if I wanted it because she just can not get used to it.

I can not even begin to imagine what things are going to be like when I am a grandma…. But you bet your butt that I am going to look good and still feel young.

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