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Friday, June 29, 2012


I feel so blessed…. Although my life is far from perfect and I have challenges that I face every day. When I stop and look around and think about all God has given me I have calmness…
My husband and I have had our share of problems over the years. I love my husband so much he is my very best friend. He knows me better than anyone. I guess I never realized how much your life really does change when you have kids.
I sometimes feel like we are more roommates than partners. We share the responsibility of bills and taking care of the kids and at the end of the day we are just simply too tired for anything else. My goal has been over the last several weeks to find the romance again. I send him texts or emails throughout the day just I love you or I miss you.

We have decided that 2 nights a week we are going to make a meal together after the kids go to bed and have a nice candlelight dinner with wine and the whole nine yards. I told him about my idea and he could not have been happier. He is so excited to start this and so am I even if we splurge on some expensive wine once a week it will be so worth the time we spend together alone with out interruptions. I can not wait

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  1. That sounds like a great plan! Children due take a lot out of us, and we all have to remember how we got here.