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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving on...

I parent the way I want to parent you may not like what I do when I do it or how I do it but that is not really for you to decide.

I will decide what my child does and does not have to eat. I think it is pathetic for you to tell my 3 year old you refuse to make him something to eat if he won’t try the food that you have. I have officially learned my lesson now.

I have always thought that you were an ignorant prick but now I have more proof than I ever needed before. My kids will not be allowed in your home unless me of my husband are present. Apparently at the age of 56 you have not learned manners of any kind what so ever.

I am so glad that I only have to deal with your ignorance once or twice a year. I feel sorry for your children and the father that they have to live with.

There have been so many things that you have said and done over the years that make me literally sick. What I want you to know is that karma is bitch and do not think for one second that karma is not going to use map quest to find your sorry butt…..

It is over for now….. Just know that I will celebrate the day that karma comes back to bite you.

Side note story…. I am not a fan of my husband’s sister’s husband over the years he has treated us with no respect I sometimes wonder why some of his own family no longer speaks to him.

He has said some really mean things to my husband and I. One being that basically we should not have children because they will be short (height wise)  and made fun of their whole life. Nice huh!

Sorry I needed to get that out today! Ah I feel better

I have so much more to say but for now here is to trying to move on.... And Feel blessed at the same time that MY family is so loving and caring for me, hubby, and the kids. Thank you God for giving me that

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