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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Starting Over with the Blogging

So I know that is has been awhile and really it is just simply that my life is so hectic with 3 kids. Kylie is the social queen and with Bubby now it preschool and me still working full time plus having a baby who just now in month 8 started sleeping through the night. I know I should not complain and I shouldn’t I was just not used to it because my other 2 did much earlier

So I stopped nursing and it’s bittersweet… I have so much stored milk it should carry him for the full year. I was only doing it in the morning and before bed. He was just not interested anymore. It was more fun to see what was going on with his brother and sister than to hang out with mom. Which is okay exclusively breast- feeding for 8 months is good in my book. It is funny because with Kylie I nursed 2 months and got an infection and was done. With Xander being a preemie I got so much education and information, help, and understanding about it. I pumped for him while he was in the hospital when he came home I nursed him until he was 9 months old. We did supplement during the day when I was at work with formula. I loved doing it hard though with Xander he was so tiny I had to use a breast shield and he never really latched right.

Luca seriously was a Champ right out of the womb! My milk supply was good and it was a wonderful experience overall and I am going to miss it. I am sad that we are almost into year 2 with my baby.  I would love to adopt but I don’t think my husband is on board with that. I am content and feel so blessed but I would love another. We made the decision to go with the tubal during the C-section because well after High BP’s with Kylie and Pre- E with both of the boys and with Xander being born so early and me being in and out of the hospital with all three it is best that I not have anymore children. I am so thankful that God blessed me the way he has. It’s hard to say this but I wish I could have more children.

Growing up I always wanted a big family 4 or 5 kids but I need to focus on the good and say Thank you for giving what I have. 3 kids is a good amount. I have one of each plus my last little man. After Xander turned 2 right before I got pregnant with Luca I was at a place where I really though I was content I did not want anymore kids but when Luca came as a surprise I was over the moon! But now that he is getting bigger I am starting to feel sad about it I think because before I knew I could but now I know it’s no possible anymore.

Oh well… on a lighter note… I am having a garage sale to get rid of all my baby items/clothes. Any suggestions on prices. I have all of Kylie’s clothes which are mostly Gymboree Outfits… and Carters, Gap, and Old Navy..

The boys stuff is Old Navy and Carters mostly plus like Target and Kohl’s I was going to .50 a per item? Any Thoughts?

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