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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What a week What A week?

So I have been so crazy planning this birthday bash for the kids because of my dads illness we postponed it a couple of months, I was an awesome party and I have the most wonderful friends and family for helping me prepare everything, Now I have to got on helping Kelle through the best Dr. Suess bash her her twins thing one and thing 2 in May we got this and thanks to pinterest I wont forget anything ha!

Even through I was deathly ill All weekend the party went off without a hitch as we were driving home my daughter said that was the best party ever I wish I could have it all over again. Makes the last week of 2 am grocery trips and me falling down the stairs all worth it.

I have already figured out the theme of Luca's First Birthday I am going to do the very hungry Caterpillar because gee wilikers this boy can EAT he eats 3 jars of baby food at LEAST 3 times a day plus about 20 ounces of breast milk. I can not get the kid to drink juice to save my life. Oh well he eats a ton a fruit so right now its okay. But I figured the perfect theme for the 7 month old who grabbed his brothers cheeseburger right off his plate while I was trying to tear it up and tried to shove the whole thing in his mouth he is like stretch Armstrong,

On a sad note a friend I used to work with Husband died suddenly last week she had twin girls who were 4 and he was a stay at home dad :( it was so sad my heart just aches for her and the stuff she has been putting on face book I cry every time. She opted to have the casket closed because of the girls and I would most likely do the same,

I mean when something likes this happens a lot goes through your head like how is she going to continue to work or even get help with her twins. Just so sad and so sudden, Well I am so tired I am going to hit the bed before my one o clock alarm to pump goes off it comes so fast

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