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Friday, May 11, 2012

Lists Lists Lists

Blahh… Not really sure I know what to say today. The final piece of my new furniture was delivered today so that is nice. Other than that. I got nothing.

An old friend (not sure if she is even that) had baby girl today. I am having baby Envy I think it is simply because I want more kids I can’t have anymore.
I wish my brother would find someone. .. I want to be an aunt *Sigh*

Me and the Hubby are always fighting it is annoying. I wish he would help me around the house without me having to ask him, I wish he would remember things I tell him we need when he goes to the store, I wish he would not be in a bad mood all the time.

I wish I could go on a girl’s weekend. Alone with no one but good girl friends, wine, laughs, and Pedicures.

I wish I had more money I feel like there is always something to pay for.

I wish we were going to Disney but I have no time off and with the question of whether or not Luca’s is going to need minor eye surgery I have to save the 6 days I have left until December Yes December that sucks!

I want to make of list of things I want to do by Jan 1 2013.

1. Plan a Family Vacation

2. Plan a girl’s weekend away.

That’s all I have for today

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  1. I NEED a girl's weekend as well. I'm planning to go hopefully this summer for one night to STL.