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Friday, May 18, 2012

Breastfeeding and 3 Year olds

So I just finished breastfeeding as you know. I still have a large freezer collection and my 9 month old takes it from his bottle now. Kylie was 4 when Xander was born and really did not have too many questions/comments about me breastfeeding… BUT this time my son has said the funniest things to me.

Things my 3 year old says in regards to Breastfeeding.

1. Mommy take off your shirt Luca needs to eat

2. Does everybody have food for the baby from their boobies

3. Its okay Luca you can have mommy’s boobies you don’t have to share

4. Why doesn’t daddy feed Luca like that

5. Mommy Luca needs a boob please he is crying

6. Disclaimer…. My kids come into the bathroom 100 times when I am in the shower upon seeing me put a towel around me I hear “Look Luca its your nummy”
I wanted to write some of the things he said down so I remember these funny comments. Plus I love how kids think and what they say it cracks me up I can literally sit and ask my 3 year old questions all day long and listen to the different answers.
Here is one of out conversations….. He has a Girlfriend at school her name is Isabella but he calls her Misabella
Me: what does Misabella look like?

Xander: She has beautiful chocolate Hair and 2 ponytails like this mama (as he shows me with his hands)

Me: Oh My She sounds very pretty What does she say to you?

Xander: “Oh Xander your so silly”
I think I should be worried as most recently he has been singing a song about how he loves her in the morning and in the afternoon, and in the evening underneath the moon.

EEEK.... Happy Friday On a Side note I fell getting into the SUV on Tue and have been limping around on my swollen foot I think it is time to get it looked at as the pain is now up passed my ankle.

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