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Sunday, February 5, 2012

2012 ...

I am starting this blog over in hope that I will be a better blogger I want to try and blog at least 4 to 5 times a week I think it will help me,

Ever since I had my 3rd and final baby on aug 17th I have been so busy with a school aged daughter that is wise beyond her years my middle child starting preschool prep this year and a new baby to which I spend a majority of my time being a food source and or pumping liquid gold.

All the while trying to make sure the other two kids are given attention and at the same time remembering I still need to make time for romance with my husband and oh yah working 40 hours a week.

So days I only sleep from 10pm to 1am and then I spend the rest of the early wee hours feeding a little sweet boy every hour.

I tell myself that I want to make sure to cherish this time and make these memories because I know soon it will be gone as I can't believe that my baby girl who I rang in the new year with back in 2004 is 7 years old I remember when I had her everything about it who was all there celebrating her first birthday to her first steps to walking her into kindergarten last year and making everyone in parking lot cry along with. While I heard that little 5 year old voice say "its okay mom I will try and not get older" Sigh...

I want to write not only for me but for my kids because I know that as I get older I wont remember everything and I want to have it somewhere.

So as i sit here with the Superbowl on the TV listening to Madonna sing like a virgin. The baby is starting to fuss and its time for us to have our time so I must say so long for now but will be back tomorrow with okay gotta run my son is eating paper....

Oh boys

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