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Friday, July 8, 2011

I know I know....

I am sucking at being a blogger...

It has been so hectic and I am in the home stretch with this pregnancy and everything is going so well right now. Had a 3 day weekend last weekend. And then..

I fell on the 4th of July on the side of my stomach and part of the chair fell on top of me. And I freaked OUT I hit my head too and did have some mild issues there but my concern was the baby who is perfectly fine!

Although I did find out my iron levels are extremely LOW no wonder I have ZERO energy. BUT before the BIG FALL of 2011 We got everything ready for baby Luca!

The crib is set up minus the bedding I have not found yet. The bassinet is in our room and the rocking chair. The boppy is out he has clean clothes from his brother Xander... I just feel ready now like I am not running around with nothing done.

My hubby took a 3 week break from Clinical's because I needed the help I am so not looking forward to the last 3 weeks of pregnancy alone with the kids that's going to be interesting to say the least.

Aug 22 is the date we will meet our baby I don't think I am ready really because the whole pregnancy I have been kind of not ready BUT now it is almost like I am not really ready but I am excited and I can't wait to have a new born again. Am I nuts? A lovely terrible 2 very active boy and a new born with my 7 year old BIG helper going back to school YEAH I hope mom helps me.

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  1. You don't have bedding from Xander?

    I'm sure you were very worried about the baby after the fall - how scary!