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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Oh What a Morning

So... I think my daughter is so funny sometimes.

This morning it was a little hectic I did my best to get everything in order because The Princess was going on her first official field trip on a bus and everything to see Winnie the Pooh the play and the local community college.

So I packed her lunch last night and put in a little surprise a candy necklace and some other Easter candy to share. She picked out her outfit and got up this morning very quickly and got all ready.

We have everything I filled her "Estimation" jar with Marshmallows. I drank some water and as we are about to walk out the door I threw up all over the kitchen floor.

My daughter covers her eyes and proceeds to tell me the following..... " This is ridiculous Mom I need to get to my field trip" Why did you throw up?

I could not help but Laugh at her. She is standing by the door with my keys and says I will meet you in the car. Who is the parent here??

Then of course some lady does not follow the rules of the road and turns in front of me I almost hit her in at the school and she proceeds to yell and scream if there had not been 300 kids around I would have gave her the bird and kicked her butt pregnant belly or not!

So it has been much better since I have been here at work. So far that is....

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  1. Bwahaaha! I can't believe what the princess said.