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Monday, May 2, 2011

Lessons Learned.

So as I watched the news last night I wished I could have had a glass of wine to celebrate the killing of a horrible terrorist.

I went to bed feeling all "Go USA"

BUT when I got up this morning and was messing around on face book I could not believe what people were saying. I finally decided that I had to do some deleting. and I did and boy did it feel good.

I also decided I don't want anything to do with a certain group of people any longer.... I am sick of the back stabbing and negativity that comes with it all. Grow up and stop sitting on face book all day causing problems.. and fights.

I have to say I feel better I also learned another lesson this weekend. I email everyone from my work email it is just easier as I am here 5 days a week. For some reason my sister in law wanted to respond to the email about getting together for Easter to my personal email in which I hardly check. Why? Because she simply did not want us there I am not stupid but instead of getting all upset about it I am just going to laugh it off...

Busy week this week at work and home.. Cinco Party Thur at work for company people, Cubs game with Company people Friday Thur night mothers day dinner Sat Communion party and Sunday mothers day BBQ at moms... OH MY now if I could only get some sleep thank you son for getting up at 330 and staying up 630 talking and jumping and keeping me awake.

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  1. It was a great night of sleep I think for many Americans. It doesn't mean that things will poof be better, but it is one less POS in this world.