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Friday, April 29, 2011

Friday Night Left Overs.

  • So I am having another Boy! I kind of wanted a girl but I am blessed I have one girl now and 2 boys :)

  • I am praying for a full term pregnancy the doctor says everything is looking really good so far

  • I miss my husband something crazy and I just wish school was over but even when it is... it will not get better he has clinical's a full time job and he will be going back to his PT job

  • I am so sick of the rain in IL we had rain for 20 days out of 29 in APRIL REDIC!

  • I may be going to a movie this evening with my aunt is it sad that the last time I saw Justin Bieber

  • Can't Wait for Something Borrowed to come out me and hubbs have a deal he will take me to it if I take him to Thor AGREED that means 2 date nights.

  • I have nothing to do this weekend really and I am excited for that

  • I really want Mexican food but the last time we tried i saw it again 2 hours later

  • Sister in Law and her hubby are coming over tomorrow afternoon pray for me.

  • Nephew had surgery Tue a hip replacement at 10 he has something wrong it is a rare thing but he has and he is still taking a lot of pain meds I don't think it was the kind my Grandma had I know they cut a few bones OUCH... he is doing great

As always thanks for hosting Danifred if you would like more check out her blog

Happy Sunny Friday Everyone!


  1. Congrats on the blue! Yay for no plans and two date nights!

    We haven't had a date in over a year!

  2. It will be great to have the two boys, since they are much closer in age. KWIM?

    I am going to have to go see that movie now that I read the book, but I'll probably go alone.

  3. Congratulations! I only know life with girls, but it's nice that your daughter will have 2 little protectors now :)