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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My head is spinning it has been so busy around these parts I swear I am on Mommy overload..

Here is a glipmse of what is ahead..

Today.. Dress rehearsal for the play at Ky's school.. till 7
Tomorrow Ben has last class
Thur Play for Ky at 7 she has to be there at 6:30 make salad for Bridal shower at work when?
Friday... get everything ready for Sat morning pics in the park for the kidlets 10am
Sat 10 am pics 12pm bday party for neighbor 5pm dinner with a friend
Sunday- regroup day
Monday Doctors appt.

Its making me tired writing this..... I just hope my little man acts somewhat decent at the play because my family will all be there I have no one to watch him. My only friend that will watch him has to work.

You know what sucks is when you watch someones kid so many times you can no longer count on one hand but yet when you ask them to watch yours in return the answer always seems to be "NO"

Yeah well guess what my answer is "no" now most of the time plus with the addition of baby #3 why should I watch someone else's kid so they can go out every weekend when I have 3 of my own. My mom usually watches the kids once a month so we can have a date night other than that we take the kids.

I just love how some people forgot what they need to take care of.

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