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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Momma Said there would be days like this!

It had been a good day for you that day, your 2 great aunts came to visit from a far.

You had your eyes opened and I remember thinking you looked a lot like your uncle (my brother) I hated not seeing your face with all the wires and tubes. But it was okay cause one day they would be gone.

We headed over to the cafe for lunch and I actually laughed for the first time in a month. We were gone a mere hour and you had taken a turn. We came back and you were pale and sleeping. The nurse came and told us your blood level was low... basically that you need a transfusion and I needed to sign for it. They also said that something else was wrong you had an infection.

They did not know whether it was meningitis or just a UTI. If it was meningitis they would give you the same antibiotic for 14 days instead of ten. They said we needed to make the decision if we were to give you a spinal tab. I remember saying " you want to stick my 2 pound baby with a needle in his spine"

My husband and I did not need to discuss anything the answer was NO that 4 more days of the meds would not hurt and you had been through enough. I was so irritated when 30 minutes later the doctor who does spinal taps came down to talk to us. I told him that he must have missed the memo because I already said NO!

He went on and on about how his daughter was preemie and he did it on her. Well you are not his parent this time. He got mad and said that if there were lasting effects from the meningitis the insurance company would not cover and he could not be treated. I knew in my heart he would be okay but I refused to do this! It was bad enough, breathing tube, feeding tube, IV sometimes in his head! He did not need this.

He got the blood he needed and the meds and he is fine today I do not see any lasting effects from what happened and me not giving in to the pressure. I wish I could have strangled that doctor that day.

I read a story of a baby that was born at 27 weeks the same gestation that I had Xander. She is 7 months old and still in the NICU. I thank GOD every single day for my Christmas Miracle! And all the other blessings he has thrown my way. Sometimes I think I don't Thank Him enough!

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  1. I can't imagine how hard it was for you during all of this. I simply can't. Hugs.