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Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Leftovers

  • I am so glad today is Friday and that in a few short hours it will be the weekend!

  • Tomorrow I am me and the Princess are going to get pampered at my friends hair school I am so excited to get some much needed one on one time with her.

  • While the girls are out Xander will be spending some one on one with My mom which is also something that he never gets

  • We are headed to the city for dinner tomorrow for a bday! I am so excited.

  • Sunday I have a bridal shower which means I will only have to see my in laws for an hour at most... (jumps up and down)

  • The pimple above my lip is killing me today and my hubby wont even kiss me LOL

  • Tonight we headed to the health and wellness fair at Kylie's school I hope my son decides to behave...

  • Thanks again to Danifred for hosting go here:

And in the words of Tigger TTFN....