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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheese for Ice-cream

So this weekend was wonderful to say the least! I spent every minute making memories with the kids and hubby. I can't wait for our new addition. I keep telling X-man that I have a baby in my belly and now points and says Mommy's baby but I don't think that he really understands that his life is about to change :)

We took our first trip to the ice-cream place the outside one it opened last week and this was Xanders first official kiddie cone he got to have all by himself and he he was covered it in. I tried to take it to lick the drippings and he screamed at the top of his lungs " NO MOMMY MINE CONE" I think God and the angels even heard him.

The above pic is his official ice-cream face!

Happy Almost Hump-Day!


  1. My kids won't eat ice cream! They are crazy! I love the ice cream face:)

  2. I won't do icecream cones out, so I bought some for the house and have decided they can only eat them outside. Hahaha!