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Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Night Left Overs... What I want Addition

  • I want one of the new Coach Poppy Bags Happy Easter to Me? Do you think bunny will bring one?

  • I want to shop for my baby bean if they would just show their parts so Mommy will know what to buy?

  • I want to living room furniture I has been time for 6 plus months.... I just have not made the time to order it.

  • I want to paint Kylie room and start getting everything ready so for once I wont feel like I am doing everything last minute

  • I want to go to the Shed in Chicago to see the new Jellyfish exhibit :)

  • I want to try and plan a long weekend vacation with Ben and the kids before the bean makes (his/her) appearance.

  • I want to have the kids make super cute crafts for my mom and grandma for Mothers Day... My mother in law won't get one until she learns how to be a grandparent to all her grandchildren not just 2 of them

  • I want pasta......

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  1. I don't own a single Coach bag, but dream of having one all the time. I think the Easter Bunny should bring one for me too.

  2. Stopping in from FNL.

    ahh yes, Coach.. love!
    I hate grandparents who favor..

  3. I think you should act on many of those wants, just not the ones that take too much work.