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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Vent.... and a Rewind

  1. So I need to vent... here it the rewind... 2 years ago my husbands extended family Aunts, Cousins, and Sisters made dinner plans for a girls night out. Things with my in laws have been rocky from the start... it was only 10 minutes from where I worked at the time and I figured why not. So I go to this dinner. Ben had just gotten out of the Army at the time. We were making plans for our church wedding. So his aunt asked me how things were going I said fine.

Ben was having problems with his family since he had gotten back from over seas a lot had happened. His mom went crazy was talking about never speaking to him again and how I ruined his life because I got pregnant before we were married and now he would never be coming home. All because of me. So when his aunt asked about I told the truth in a nice way I said that Ben was hurt by the way he was being treated and felt abandoned by his family when it should be such a happy time. I am sure you know what happens next....

They went back and told his mom and caused a over a year long fight. She did not come to my home or call my house she did not see my daughter...

2. His family for the last 6-7 years have had a cookie exchange during Christmas for just the ladies in the family. I have been with Ben for almost eleven years and I have been invited maybe the last 3 years. I have not gone once.... and I wont.... Why am I all of a sudden good enough? And I am so scared that I will say the wrong thing and it will get back to someone.

Current: So here it is they sent an email out a month ago for a Girls Day out Ben begged me to try and go because it is shopping I could drive myself and if I needed to walk away from them I can it would be at an outdoor outlet mall... I agreed..... I told them to count me in and I would meet them out there. The hubby has a big test on Monday and really needs to study I think that is more important than me shopping I told them I did not have a sitter and was unable to go. (no kids allowed) His sister emailed me this morning and said to ask his dad to watch the kids since he is coming into town.

Ben talked to his Parents Sunday advised we did not have a sitter and that I couldn't go. They never offered, which is what I responded to his sister and I told her I was not asking. She keeps begging me to go and at this point I have made other plans... She said to bring the kids and that they would all help. YEAH RIGHT I have been there done that and they don't help not one BIT. I just want her to stop begging me I am scared if she does not stop emailing me soon I might blow up and tell her how I really feel which would not be good. We have not talked to his oldest sister since Oct... because she decided to bash us on Face book.. I think the best bet is to just ignore it I called him and told him to deal with it if they contacted him I don't have the energy today....

I have so much more to vent about my friends kid being at my house and then 3 days later she found head lice! I have never had it and I freaked out spent the evening cleaning everything.... Woke up at midnight and saw everything I had ate yesterday again for an hour I felt like the exorcist... I woke up late and did my hair in 3 minutes from Wet to Done I think that is a new record... I need a nap

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  1. Oh, I remember all the drama with his family. I'm sorry to hear that it is still like that.