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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

No Words

Have nothing good to write I had a lot of things swimming around and then I lost them... and so there is that preggo brain again. I have been successfully putting the kids to bed by 9pm every night and it is going very well so far. I then head to bed myself and read for about an hour... getting in some mommy time. I am one of those parents that with the first child I just let her do whatever cause that is what I did. I was a SAHM then for almost till she was 2 and we just kind of went with it. She started public school this year and now has to get up at 7:15 every morning. Now with the second one I was all about the routine I think it is because I work full time now and it was easier. He was in bed every night at 8:00 no matter what. But now that he is gotten older I extended it an hour. Now I am not sure if all hell is going to break loose when summer comes and the new baby is born but we shall see what happens. I am trying to think positive about this whole thing... But with a new baby coming and a hubby who is almost non-existent for another 8 months or so I don't know how I will manage but I will right?


  1. I'm pretty strict about bedtime in my house, it's for my own sanity...I work fulltime too. 7:30pm for Muffin and 8:00 for Puck!

  2. Just keep up the routine and it will go smoothly.