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Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday Night Left Overs

  • I am going to start doing this because I like this and I want to be a 5 day a week blogger
  • I have been so tired lately with being preggo and it does not seem to be getting any better
  • I am going out the next 2 nights without the kiddos or the hubby I need this so much
  • Is so happy to be feeling the baby more than once in awhile it makes me smile
  • Is itching to see to watch Army Wives on Sunday I wish I knew someone who could just tell me what happens
  • It has been so hectic at home in the evenings with the kids.... I hope it slows down.
  • I want Arbys and I am determined to get it TODAY.
  • I love my hubby he is wonderful and I could not ask for more
  • I am going to set my ipod up on my new computer and buy new songs....
  • maybe next week I will figure out the link to the host

Now to relax for the weekend... :)


  1. Stopping in from FNL.

    Pregnant with two kids...yeah, I know you are tired!!!

    I just had our second, and I miss the kicks, jabs, and punches of being pregnant. I'm glad he is here now, though :-)

  2. Stopping in from FNL.

    Now I want Arbys too!!

  3. Stopping in from FNL.

    I've never had anything from Arby's but their curly fries.... mmm curly fries. They're SO GOOD.

    I don't miss being pregnant, being so tired killed me!

  4. Yeah for being a 5-day blogger! I love it here:) I was soooo tired when preggo too. Hope you get some energy back soon!

    Also, I'm your newest follower!

    Stopped by from FNL.

  5. Eat anything you want, woman, and enjoy it while you can.

    I'm dying to see tomorrow night's show and I'm sure I will be sobbing through most of it.

  6. Thanks for joining me for FNL! I just love Arbys. The curly fries are to die for!