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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Being an Army Wife

So is it sad that I miss Being an Army Wife? No not the deployments or the war.

I miss the being so close to people it was like your family but you didn't share the same blood.... I miss that. I also miss GA and all my friends there..

I Miss the Spanish Moss
I Miss the smell of paper
I miss the river
I miss the drive downtown
I miss the warmth there.

I want to go there and visit so bad. I think for the very first time in my life I need a change. I am sick of the same routine over and over. I need to be that close to people once again. I sometimes feel like I am slowly moving away not physically but mentally from people and its beyond my control.

I just want to move into a new place in a new town and start over. I need a fresh smell and a new house and new floor and a new room....

I just feel stuck like we are going to be stuck in the same place forever. Blahhhhhh maybe tomorrow will be better or maybe I need ice cream? Who know.

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