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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

ABC's Of Me....

1. Age- 27
2. Bed Size- Queen
3. Chore you Hate- Cleaning the bathroom
4. Dog- Yes one Max
5. Essential Start to your day- Waking up the princess for school
6. Fav Color- Purple
7. Gold or Silver- white Gold
8. Height- 5"0 even
9. Instruments you can play- None
10. Job Title- Marketing Rep
11. Kids- Kylie-6 Xander-2 and Bun in the oven
12. Live- Illinois
13. Moms Name- Joni
14. Nicknames- Jilly, Jilly Fran, Chuckles
15. Overnight Hospital Stay- To have babies or because of babies.
16. Pet Peeve- Liars
17. Quote from a Movie:
18. Righty or Lefty- Righty
19. Siblings- Brother Mike
20. Time you wake up- 7am
21. Underwear- bikini
22. Veggies you dislike- most
23. What makes you run late- my hair
24. X-Rays- teeth
25. Yummy Food you make- Italian handed down from my Great Grandma we have the originals with her handwriting laminated....
26. Zoo Favorite Animal- Monkey


  1. Cleaning the bathroom isn't one of my favorite chores either! :)

  2. I did not know you were blogging, woman!

  3. Yes Carrie I have been for awhile its just that no one else knows I am a blogger LOL