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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Word of the Week

My daughter is a riot. She is literally the funniest kid I know. She says the craziest things I have ever heard in my life.

Here are 2 funny stories to prove she is a trip and a half.

I did not witnessed this actual event but my babysitter told me. So we all know little boys that once they discover their lil ding dongs they are obsessed with it. Every time I take off my sons diaper he plays, when he takes a bath he plays with it he now sticks his hands in the diaper and "plays" Do they ever really stop? LOL

Anyways the babysitter is changing my son and of course he is "playing" with it. The princess usually stands beside the changing table to talk to who ever is changing the baby.

So my son goes to touch her and she yells at hom " DON'T TOUCH ME" Babysitter: "why cant he touch you Kylie?"

Kylie replies " Um yeah I don't want his penis germs!" LMAO I could not stop laughing when she told me this how funny is that!

So as you know she started school a few weeks ago. She was telling me that there was a little boy in her class that is "Bad"

Kylie" Mom he does not listen, or sit correctly,"
Me: Oh which little boy is that?
Kylie" Mom he is darker than me you know like the ones next door"

Her new word of the week is Absolutely.

I ask her to do something and she is all Absolutely Mom I would love to! I sometimes wonder if she is being a smart ass or not?

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