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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Toddler Time!

I have noticed over the last six months that my daughter watches too much TV. Since school started we do not turn the TV on during the week at all.

Everyday when she gets home from school she is only allowed to play with her toys or do other things. I come home while I make dinner we talk about her day. Then after dinner we read, play games, color, paint Exct...

And lately I have not even been turning the TV on until the weekend. After the kids are off to bed I clean up, so dishes... then I get in my bed usually have a snack and read as well.

With The Hubbs being in school full time and the weather still nice I have been taking the kids somewhere every weekend. Even if it is to the park for a few hours. We usually go out the lunch on Sat this week we went to the McDonald's play place then Sunday we had a birthday party.

Yesterday I took the kids to toddler time at the library and it was a success! Although Xander has grown up with Kylie he needs the social interaction and to learn to be in a structured setting.

It was fun my friend brought her twins along with another set of hands to help. We had a really great time and then went back and let the boys play after. They were sad to see us go but we can come back next Monday for round 2 :)

This weekend is the 2nd Preemie Picnic we will be attending in Honor of our Graduate from the RUSH NICU. I am so happy to see all the other babies that we met along the way and their parents. I am really looking forward to seeing all the nurses again can't wait.

Shhh don't tell anyone but I am really having the baby itch again I need a fix damnit!

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