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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kindergarden and Cake!

So today I will leave work go home and get her certificate of birth and some other papers to driver over to the school and register the princess for kindergarten.

I can't believe this it seems I was just kissing her forehead for the first time and saying farewell to day for a year... and yet so much has happened in the last 5 years it is almost hard to believe. I sometimes wonder what she will remember of it because I don't remember much before first grade. I don't even recall my brother as a baby.

She is so grown up already... and going to public school for the first time I just can't believe this is happening. I am going to be a mom of a kindergartner.... okay now I am getting all teary eyed.

I am going to prepare the school parking lot in advance that yes I will be crying and most likely going to work with sunglasses on to hide the tears. So if you see a short girl with short brown hair dressed nice sitting in a little red car bawling her eyes out... no worries I will get over it. :)

Which brings me to another point... what is my Xman going to do without his sister all day. He loves her and sometimes even reaches his arms out for her over me and his daddy. At the end of the month he will be without her for 6 hours day. I wonder what he will do.
I recently heard a story from another mom who's boys are all grown up now but she had them 2 years apart and she said when the older one went to school the younger one would cry every morning when he left and put his shoes on an hour before he got out because he was ready to go and get his brother... HOW cute is that.

This weekend was DIET FAIL I did fine until I decided to attempt making my mom a bday cake with cool whip frosting. I usually and not the best when it comes to cake making but for some reason this cake was amazing... special thanks to Betty AKA Betty Crocker for making the dry ingredients. This cake was by far the best cake I have ever had Sorry Jewish Bakery down the street you don't compare. So if anyone out there needs a professional cake maker I am your gal.

*****please note I don't decorate I just bake and frost the cakes.***** And sometimes the frosting job is not the best but who cares if it is good right? RIGHT?

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