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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Flat Hair and Moving Up!

So my hair is flat cause the heat is crazy!!!!!!! I don't think I ever it remember it being this hot so close to Sept 1rst. WOW 95 geese what a hot summer here in Chicago....

I hate flat hair did I ever tell you that.... I like Big hair well it has been tamed since the 90's but I do like it to have a little uph.... if you know what I mean.

So I feel like I am officially a Woman who has a Career. I am officially traveling outside the State of IL for my Job... and Flying on an airplane I feel kind of like I am moving in the right direction. You know like I am working my way up the ladder and if I stay in one place and put in my time I will be able to move it on up.

I have nothing really to say. I am officially a mom of a school aged Child and I have started to know what a single mom of 2 kids feels like.

Although no my hubby and I are still married, but he is in school full time and working full time so basically he uses the facilities of our home and that's it. We are in week 2 of this and I can honestly say it SUCKS I don't know how I am going to make it a year but I know this much I am going to be doing some smoking and alot of drinking that is for sure.

I don't care what anyone says a glass of wine here and there and a night out with the girls keeps a mama sane!!!!!!!!! I for the first time in months went to bed at 9:30 last night I was shocked did even make it through the second episode of Diners Drive Ins and Dives. Pathetic but this is what my night consisted of:

Leave work at 4:45
Gas Station stop 4:50
Weight Watchers Weigh in 5:30
Home to find road tore up 6:00
Walking a block to my house 6:10
Sink full of dishes 6:20
Baths for me and the kids 6:45
Feeding us dinner 7:30
Play Games with Kids 8:00
Bed for the kids 8:45
Mommy sit down 9:00

On top of that it was Starve yourself Monday and I did not eat but dry Cheerios until I ate a plate of pasta while walking around getting stuff ready for school.

I was starving and then it like went away and I could barely eat UGH Tonight I am getting dinner getting Kylie school shoes coming home bed for kids getting in shower then off for Girls night cause why bother staying home when your only company is a mute dog...

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