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Thursday, July 15, 2010

They are the best of friends

So right before I got preggo with Xander my hubby talked me into getting a puppy. I have never really been a dog person or a cat person for that matter. I like to stick with fish!

So anyways we got the dog who my daughter named "Max" she was a wee bit obsessed with Max and Ruby at the time. I am just glad she did not go for the Backyardigans I really would look like a fool yelling Uniqua or Tyrone out the back door....

Max has been good to us he has been through my princess who as I am laying in bed so sick from the little bean growing inside my belly.. I hear "Max Pucker your lips" I look over and see her smearing lip gloss on my puppy she also tried to paint his "nails" yeah that was a blast.. He would play pretty pretty princess with her on the days I could not bring myself to even move or else I would vomit.

I was nervous to bring the baby home being that he was over a pound at birth and came home at 4 and a half pounds it made me really nervous. But again "Max" would lick his toes or his hands while he was swinging and for the most part watched over him. Now that my big boy is 18mths Max is his Bff! He loves that dog. We were gone for a long weekend over the 4th and when we came home and he saw the dog he was so excited...... it was adorable. He plays with the dog all the time and giggles and giggles. It is such a cute little relationship it reminds of the movie Homeward Bound... and the boy and his dog Chance I feel like that is how Xander and Max will be

So again I have never really been a dog person but I love our "Max" and would not trade him for the world :)

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