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Monday, June 21, 2010

I am the 27!

This past Sat I turned 27 and let me tell you NO I did not lock myself in a room and cry cause I am 3 years away from being 30 BUT I don't really care for being 3 years away from 30. But the good thing is I still get carded :) for both cancer sticks AND Beer!

So even though I get made fun of NOW when I am 50 and look like its my 30th Birthday you will be jealous blog reader.

Well thats really enough about the age aspect of it LETS talk about THE PARTY... My lil Family went to see Toy Story 3 and it was awesome that was the kick off to a great day!

Shipped the kids to moms for the night and headed out to what I like to refer to as the Square!

I know that we met at House of Brews and I thought I was in an episode of Sons of Anarchy. As we were sitting at the table that looked like it came straight out of 1972 in walks a gentleman who is carrying what looked like a GUN case I started to panic because at this point I was not drunk yet and I still cared.... to my relief it was Pool Sticks. Hahaha Met a lady named "Cindy" I think and she did a shot with me and Courtney. This is kinda where it starts to get blurry...

On to the next bar which I now know is called Diamond Jim's cocktail waitress in a ref shirt who couldn't fuckin talk for SHIT had me doing shots of what I thought were called "Dirty Pee" and "Blue Motherfucker" Yep not sure how many I had there I am pretty sure I had 5 shots there 4 shots at the fist bar and 5 drinks total (I think) I do remember we had the bathroom trip to remember I fell off the toliet laughing so hard.. because I farted cause when u fart its funny no matter if you are intoxicated or not its still FUNNY and when someone else walks in the bathroom and you ask them if they are going to fart thats FUNNY too!

Finally the third bar we went to I know that Justin told me the name of this but I dont remember. I did not drink anything at this point because I almost could not walk there. It was BAD! I did dance my ass off though I think there are some videos of my dancing lets leave those off facebook okay kids :)

I am so blessed to have all my friends that came out to celebrate with me I really had a great time even at the 3am breakfast..... to the left to the left....

A quick note to add Happy Fathers Day to my dad who is the world's Greatest I could not have asked for a better father. And the my husband the one who I fall in love with all over again every time I see him with my kids.

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