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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Carnivals and Twlight

So I have never been a Twilight fan really.... I tried to read the first book "Twlight" and I got about half way through it while I was on maternity leave with Xman it was Breast feeding Reading. Anyways I just felt it was a bit too Teenage Love for me.

Like I was Such a big girl now maybe I can't read this. That and the fact that I grew up going to a catholic school and if we even DARED Talk about having a Ouija board or dressed up as witches for Halloween we would be damned to hell for worshiping the dark lord... So I kinda felt like the nun Sister Rose Angela was going to come back and beat me with the ruler in my sleep or haunt me somehow if I continued on that path.

Anyways The new BF Alex and her sissys are kinda of what you call twilight addicts! I had agreed to watch the movies at least once to see if I liked them. So Tue night or " Holy Tue" (hubbs and Alex's secret lover have Firefighter training)

We watched the movie and I actually liked it but SHHHHHH!!!!!! and I am really looking forward to wathcing number 2 or the Moon one of whatever!

Today I helped with the Special Day for Special People it is where the local carnival in town opens a day early and all the special needs kids get to come and enjoy it for free. Although it was bright out and I had to assist kids on and off horses on the Carousel it was so rewarding. Seeing those kids so happy and having such a good time and feeling so blessed to be part of it all.

A good day was had by all now off to get my hair did I think I am taking the plunge and getting a short cut for the summer summer time!

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