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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mean People

I dont really understand why people are so mean sometimes.

I mean I am always trying to do nice things for people but yet I get little in return and that is okay I just dont get why people are mean because guess what karma's a bitch!

I guess it is one thing to be mean to me or say rude things but to my kids... why they did not do anything to you. It makes me so mad the way things have turned out. At the same time I am not sure if I am as mad as I am sad. It sucks it really does. But I am going to push through this I am going to be that better person and one day I will get the reward.

There are starting to be a lot of new people in my life and I like it! I like it alot. For awhile the thought of moving went through my head alot. I mean it is really just us all the time, like me the hubbs and the kids. Which is fine and I love it but then whats the point of living here.. we could live anywhere and be that.

But I think I have changed my mind. My hubbs is happy with his FD friends and stuff. I have some new people in my life that I hope to make lasting friendships with. So Cheers to the new friends in my life :) Looking forward to the weekend already and it is only Monday

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