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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

American Hero

This is a tribute to my husband... because it is a better place with him in it!

American Hero

You were far too young to have stormed the beaches of Normandy.... you left Vietnam to your daddy... but when it was time to choose what to do you chose the Army. Then 9-11 happened you didn't really know what to think, but you knew that it was going to be you on the front lines this time... it will be you making the ultimate sacrifice.

They shipped you out to Ft Knox where they taught you the basics... then on to the Great State of Virginia where they taught you logistics... Finally to Georgia where they told you the news... 7000 miles away is where you would land.

The plane flew Dec 5th with you on it not knowing if that would be the last time.. 10 long months of sand, a few long distance calls, and many tears you returned to us

You spent years becoming yourself again with too many sleepless nights, another order to be sent but this time leaving your baby girl.

You had once again come home alive and well... you completed your time in the United States Army, but yet it was not good enough for you. You needed to help people you needed to continue to make the ultimate sacrifice but this time it was different.

This time you wanted your children to say "my daddy helps people" You wanted to be the one that everyone looked to as a hero once again.... you became a Firefighter!

American Hero to Silent Hero we are so very proud of you!

With love the one behind the scenes

I plan on getting this written very nice and framing it with a photo my husband in his Army Dress and one in the Firefigther Dress. I am going to have it be part of his Fathers day gift.

We are soo very very proud of you!

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