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Monday, May 3, 2010


So although I hate when the weekend is do jammed packed with things that it often does not feel like you had a weekend... I did have fun!

The past few weeks I have been confused about the way I have been feeling. I mean, I have been depressed...feeling kinda lonely like I have no one to talk to all my friends are busy with their own lives and here I am.

But then I realized why do I feel this way? I have lost almost 30 pounds, my blood pressure meds are out the window... and I have a wonderful husband and 2 of the most beautiful kids I have ever seen.... I mean what more could I ask for.

Then this weekend happened I spent 3 days with some of the most amazing people I have ever met my friends and although some of the days were spent "cleaning, babysitting, and party prepping" I did it with my friends and it did not matter.

I was very happy about the way the weekend turned out had a great time. I realized that sometimes when people get married, and have kids or in my case visa-versa things change...

The people who you once had alot of common with you really may not have so much in common with but eventually when they too become moms you all of sudden have a better friendship then you did before. I am looking forward to this weekend and even though it most likely will not be spent with friends... I will get to spend some quality time with my husband who I often do not get to see much of. Looking forward to this summer and doing a lot of "hanging around"

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