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Thursday, July 22, 2010

In My Past

So now that I have discovered the joys of DVR. I never watch anything "live" as you will. I am just so used to fast forwarding through the commericals.... which has 2 benefits one I don't have to watch the dumb things and 2 it avoids all the tears from my princesses eyes when she sees that toy and I say sask Santa!! "But Mommy HELLO Santa is not coming for 6 more months its summer" Oh well I guess you have to wait.

"But maybe I can get it for Halloween" Um no what do we look like the Trumps? We don't buy $180.00 DSI systems to be put in trick or treat bags honey.... "Why couldn't I have gotten it for Easter"

"Princess the Easter bunny brings candy and small toys that fit in a basket not DSI"

"Mom DUH Nintendo DSI can fit into a basket" UGH I digress I give up! Your not getting one because I said so and that's that!

So back to my DVR I watched the new Episode of Army Wives last night. I usually shed a tear or too watching it because I am not sure if you know about my past but I was a Military Wife an "Army Wife" to be exact I lived the life.... I took the journey of having the love your life get deployed to come back and you just begin your lives together and start a family and then BAM just like that more orders. Another year in the sand box.

The episode as one of my fellow army wife described was raw and accurate. It literally took me back to those times. "the dreaded last night" The show went to every one's home as they each said goodbye to their loved ones. They all had dinners, tears, hugs, and fears.

I remember when he left the first time it was the last phone call I cried myself to sleep and did not sleep for the next 2 days until I heard his voice again. The second time it was a week after I had given birth to the most beautiful little girl in the world. I could not drive him to the airport so his dad did. I did not take the baby cause I knew it would be that much worse. I watched him hold her close and kiss her little fore head not knowing if he would ever see her again.

We get all settled and we were waiting at the gate.. "Now Boarding all passengers for flight 250 to Atlanta" I walked with him up to the doors I was sobbing did not want to let go as we stand there and hug a man walks up to him and taps his shoulder. " Sir are you going over there" Yes Sir I am my hubby tells the stranger. " Well Son I will pray for you and your family and for your safe return Thank you for what you are doing"

That Stranger I will never know his name nor will I forgot that day in the airport. So many things flooded back last night I hated the last night, the last kiss, the last hug, the last words.... I hated it so much its almost like you never wanted the day to end. I am so thankful for all the men and women in the armed forces and for my Hero.... I would not be who I am today if it was not for you... Any Hero in Uniform will always hold a special place in my heart

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