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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do-Over Summer

I am at the point I would like to get a re-do of Summer 2010... It is like so much has happened this summer.....

*6 Funerals
*Never See Hubby/work/sleep/eat/work/sleep/eat/kiss wife/REPEAT REPEAT
*No Vacation
*Too Hot
* Working 40 plus hours a week and having the kids all by myself leads to
* Streeeesssssssssssss

Last night while I was watching Teen Mom which by the way really FARRAH you are going to leave your baby in the hall way while you unpack your shit are you kidding me...... What an idiot she is just as much of a loon as her mother. I do feel bad for Catelynn I am glad her and Tyler made up I was crying with her poor girl she has been through so much with the baby and now Tyler. Although I could see his point about her lying and what not but she loves him and he basically kicked her out.

Macy- Girlfriend I know you mean well and all about moving out but your friends are already not having it. And Ryan is a hottie girl you need to go and just get him in the sack one last time just remember to use a condom please

Amber- Gary is a retard and you need to move on my love you look really good but ease up on the tanning you look orange on TV girl

And then the drama comes... so last night my hubby lost me trusting him with things he should not talk about... but I dont blame him for saying something it is a doubel edged sword but because of all of this I lost a friend. I still feel so terrible this morning about it all. I want to take it all back I want to have told him not to go to training last night. Now he is no longer on the Fire Dept for now.. leave of absence although I fear he may not go back ever.

Do I push him to go back or do I push him to stay away... why are there so many choices in life?

I really need a wish right now.... like first I wish people would read this blog I promise I will make it pretty soon

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