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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A bad Day for the Lizard Princess

AHHH today has been a day from Hell and although the Sun is shining so BRIGHT and I have somewhat made an effort to fix a friendship and the fact that it is like 77 degrees out in CHICAGO in MARCH usually it is snowing... I still have been confined to the 4 walls of my cube at least I have a window seat.

But I am alone... my coworker left over a month ago and we still have not replaced her I know they are with someone who works here we are patiently waiting.

Since I want to stab someones eyes out between yesterday and today I am going to share with you some of the things that annoy the F*** outta me.

1. When men constantly touch their man parts.... Okay they are not going anywhere, nor are they going to fall off... if you must itch them then GO IN THE BATHROOM cause I nor my kids wants to see you grab ur Junk in the middle of walmart or the middle of my living room OKAY thanks...

2. When the ATM charges u a fee to take money out of your YOUR bank account a TOTAL rip off Although we are in the 2010 era where everyone pays with Plastic 99.9 percent of the time and it pisses my dad off that I never have cash and that I pay my bills on this thing called a Computer I still at times have to get cash out to either pay people for things or get my drink on and when I have to it pisses me off having to $4 dollars to take money out of my account GRRRR

3. The little bastard that bullies my kid at school. I wanna beat the living shit out of the kid for making my baby cry and telling her that her hair looks bad when it is in a pony tail (now she will only wear her hair down) On top of the fact all the kids at preschool parents who send their kids to school the way they do UGHHH don't u get it that it reflects on you the way your 4 year old is dressed make an effort and please if your child has snot coming out of their nose that is thick GREENISH YELLOW snot keep them HOME cause I really don't want preschool germs coming home to my preemie or my baby ass hubtard he gets a cold and is dying for DAYS....

Okay that's enough for today stay tuned for more tomorrow

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