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Friday, January 15, 2010

Slippery when wet

Well happy friday to everyone execpt for me. I was leaving for work this morning the babysitter said it was slick and to be careful so I walked really slow down the driveway and BAAM I fall face first on the cement.....

Cell Phone goes flying Bag is dumped I am wet now....

and then I try to get up and cant so I crawl to the car and use the handle to help me get up.

Geese..... bad day is def in store for me, work sucks I got in trouble for something else again and it is so stupid for not taking a lunch when I am here for 5 hours apprently if you go one minute over it is DEATH

Then mom calls to say they found a spot of Cancer AGAIN on Granpas head and that my great aunt is really sick in the hospital. SERIOULSY is it over yet.

On another note I have been thinking alot on the drives home from work where I have no FM radio and there is a commerical on the New Radio I am forced to listen too. About a Friend to whom we had a falling out almost 2 years ago now.

I just sometimes wish I could erase everything that happened and we could make a mends but the reality of it is I am still angry for the things she said about me, to me, to others. And I can't forgive her for that plus so it seems she is not sorry for it.
But I fear that she is a totally different person than the girl I used to know and it does not matter anymore cause the person I want to be friends with is not there.

Why now am I thinking about this all of a sudden? I have not thought about it in a long ass time? Why oh Why is she constantly on my mind. Any ideas??

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