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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Princess's Special Day

So Early this month I had to go and help at Preschool with Princess.

When Mom comes we bring a snack in this case it was cupcakes to celebrate her belated birthday with the kids because they were on break or really with babysitters while there parents were out getting shit faced and ringing in the new year. So Anyways we get there and all the kids are playing very nice it was the first day back from a 2 week break so they were BOUNCING off the WALLS.

There is one little girl who is very tiny and sooo adorable she is my fav aside from my princess of course. There is also another little blond girl who if you can call kids this is a Biatch if you know what I mean but I have met the mother and the apple does not fall far from the tree. Well she picks on girl to be friends with everyday and is mean to the rest of them needless to say I want to choke her little sorry ass but I would never really do that so please do not report me.

So it was fun I had to take notes about what the kids did in class, they LOVEED the cupcakes and so did I. I needed it after over an hour with 12 pre-K kids. I am kinda glad I never went through with the teaching thing I fear if I would have I may never have had kids at all :)

So we have circle time and the teacher takes out a photo of Martian Luther King to share with the class, she asks if anyone knows who he is?

Out of a little boys mouth comes ' Um Judge Mathis the one on TV" OMG I had to walk out of the room laughing so hard!! I tell everyone I know that story it is funny as hell.... But all in all I had a good time helping the kids and Princess was so happy to share me with her friends. On the flip side I have half of them back that same week for Princess Bday Bash but they were all good

Until next time folks..... Later

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