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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cell Phones and Tapping Shoes

So we went to round to of Ballet/Tap/Jazz and Kylie got to wear her Tapping shoes as she likes to call them. She always has a good time it was soo funny when they were doing the Jazz Part and they have to shake thier butts... the funniest thing I have ever seen.

So we get home and I get everyone un packed and finally at 9pm I sit down for the first time since I left work. My princess climbs up on my lap and starts watching TV out of her mouth comes this

Princess: Mom I need a I phone so I can talk and text
Me: excusse me?
P: I said I need a cell phone
Me: your 5 get over it
P: But I REALLY need one so I can do my Web-Show (Thanks I Carley)
Me: Princess you are 5 NO WAY
P: when I am 6?
Me: No
P: when I am 7?
Me: no when you are 16 and working you can have one.
P: Just GREAT I am neve gonna do my web show!

That was that she was pissy with me the rest of the night even went to bed without me tucking her in but I did it anyways.

I am starting to re-think her watching I- Carley and True Jackson VP I mean she is getting a little ahead of herself a freakin IPHONE I dont even have one.

My little man is still in the stanger danger stage if someone looks at him wrong he FREAKS but he needs to stop crying the morning when I leave for work because I feel so bad :(

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