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Monday, January 11, 2010

Oh the joy!

So we had a bday party for the Princess on Friday and it was a blast enjoyed by all....

about half of the preschool class came along with some of my friends and thier kids and or course the family too. She was such a sweet hostess she gave all her friends a balloon to take home and she let one of them take her hello kitty candle. When the little girl asked for it Kylie said " sure I have other ones" she has turned out to be a really sweet girl....

She had 2 cakes because of the amount of people that were invited and we put candles on both her little friend "Z" was sitting next to her and she said I will blow this cake and you can blow out that one okay my friend" OMG melted my heart she is even nicer than me.... and I thought I was nice. My hubbs on the other hand would never share he just does not do that. She got a ton of loot.... and I mean a TON that is what sucks about when me and the hubbs do the baby making we try and try for one in the summer but it never happens that way instead we get a Christmas baby and a New Years Eve baby now what are the odds of that please tell me.

Anyways... so this weekend we are at Borders and my daughter tells me her legs hurt as I am thinking to myself well my arm hurts from holding your brother my legs hurt from chasing you and my head hurts from the damn kids in this store what was that again Princess?

So as I am standing there looking for a new book to read on the nights when my hubby does not want to talk for 10 hours I say to her Honey sit on the floor right next to me. The reaction I got was not what I expected at ALLL!

Princess : Mommy are you crazy this is the floor people walk on it, it is disgusting!
Me : thinking (what the fuck) um okay
My mom: (comes from around the corner) Whats the matter?
Princess: My MOTHER told me to sit on the floor and THATS DISGUSTING.

Now that all of the Borders store thinks ME THE MOTHER is disgusting I have now found a book and have to get in the line with all the book worms staring at me and the nasty bitch and her boyfriend in front of me making out. NOW that was disgusting... Oh the joys of parenthood....

I mean what do you say to that. She is right but she is a kid I mean I did not think she would care. Hell if my legs were as tired as hers were I would of sat on the floor.

Well Happy Monday Internet if I even have readers

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