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Friday, December 18, 2009

Week from Hell

It has been a week from hell.... I have been so busy with work, fighting with the bank, planning parties, getting the cards out, taking the kids for pictures....

Wed was picture day I left work at 2:30 to head home and attempt to banana curl my daughters hair. When we left it looked awesome when it was time to take the photos not so much.... The picture people was a MAD HOUSE there were twins, triplets, family of 10 all in the little area and my son wanted to crawl..... AHHHH mommy wanted to scream! We get started with the pictures and my X-man down right REFUSED to smile. We got 2 pics where he is doing a half smile kinda thing.. but thats him.

Monday my co-worker called me fat which hurt my feelings. When she started no one liked her and I reached out to make her feel welcome. I know I need to loose weight but to hear someone tell someone else that you are a fat ass kinda hurts the heart.. I mean she could stand to loose a few pounds too but I would never say that to her.

She is one of those people who don't think before she speaks. She just says whatever she thinks no matter who it hurts in the process. So I guess that is more fuel to my 2010 resolution to loose 50 pounds and hopefully start trying for a third. Although I am afraid that if I loose all the weight and get preggo to gain it all back...

Now to end my week I have a cold and I feel like I got run over by a semi truck, had to sit in a 4 hour seminar on ethics BLAHH BLAHH BLAHH I just want to go home and go to sleep. But no there is a family fued on the hubbs side so I have to see how the story ends he should be on the phone with his sister as we speak on a more possitive note next week is a short work week and so is the week after.

I have to take X-Man in for his one year check up can't wait to get his weight checked and to see how much he has grown since his 9 mth check. Princess is going to be 5 I cannot believe she is that old already where did the time go. I found a picture of her and me at her second birthday blowing out the candles and she was so little and had a little bit of hair to her shoulders with ringlets on the bottem :( I miss her littleness the other day she was talking about I-Carley and boys at school who were cute. SIGH.... she is becoming a little girl no longer a baby no longer a toddler.

I want to have one more baby, and I want it to be a girl so bad.. I want to start trying now but I need to get myself healthy first. Here is to hopes I loose the weight fast and get right back at the baby making

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